Begin with the Light and Sound

These retreats are the beginning of deep inner transformation through meditating with the inner Light and Sound. This beginning is referred to as Initiation. This is not a spoken guided meditation, it is not a fantasy and it is not a mantra. It is the direct experience of a powerful, divine energy and the start of a real relationship with the source of self-realisation and spiritual enlightenment.

The retreats are an opportunity for people to be given access to the inner Light and Sound and to learn to let this energy contact them in meditation. There are no required fees, no required gurus, no required teachings but support is available during and after Initiation, should you want it.

Contact me and I will do my best, to connect you with people arranging Light and Sound retreats in your part of the world.

If you are genuinely in search of spiritual illumination, we have got it for you – a meditation to be taken all the way to enlightenment. All you need to begin is a touch and the willingness to meditate and be open. Then the divine Light and Sound can contact you and lift your awareness to start your relationship with transcendent being.

The greatest support, teachings and guidance will come from the inner Light and Sound, not from any person. If you want to develop this direct inner guidance then it is essential you meditate and open yourself to their wisdom. There is an incredible inner reality with an intelligence that assists in the realising of our full spiritual nature. In this way, we are taught to become our own authority.

It is a relationship both in meditation and out of it. And like anything wholesome, it requires humble cooperation to be shown what is not yet known. With time and continued meditation, you can receive increasingly awe-inspiring and wondrous insights into a vast inner cosmos, the physical world and the nature of your spiritual being. It is who you are and what you are always meant to be.

Booking is essential for meditation retreats

Many people have already received this gift and of them, about 400 are said to have realised spiritual enlightenment. This enlightenment, a single boundless consciousness is not easy to describe or reason, but we recognise it as true inner being far beyond the borders of mind and body. It is like we are witnessing into a previously inaccessible Oneness that is everywhere, timeless, deathless and perfect. In this, is neither fusion or separation because it simply Is, complete in and of itself.

This gift gives an immense feeling of contentment and peace and our spiritual search is complete because we are all that is beyond time, birth and death. It is vast and somehow ‘we’ are returned to physical awareness because daily life continues, but we are changed


Special Purpose of the Meditation Retreats

1. For you to directly experience the inner Light and Sound during meditation. So you may know true inner being through the connection between your humanity and spirituality. The potential to know Enlightenment.

2. To encourage more ‘Light’ to the planet and more harmonious attitudes and behaviours between different peoples. To develop the practice of service and care toward people and the planet with emphasis upon forgiveness, love and acceptance.

3.A connection to the Source beyond the mind and body, that is blissful, vast, without limit, complete and ultimately a love which supports all things.

You will leave the Light and Sound meditation retreats with a very special energy into your most profound depths of human and spiritual being. This is your guide to the greatest self-discovery and beyond, if you choose.


Meditate Daily

Breath meditation is a simple and natural way to meditate with quick, beneficial results. Increase the quality time that you meditate, to suit your daily lifestyle and, you can enjoy this as a very natural way of being.

You need to practice your meditation mindfully and comfortably feel you can do the following: Relax with an openness while being attentive and receptive.


What You Can Bring

Bring your attitude and intention to meditate and enjoy it all on this special day.
You will be meditating in intervals throughout the day with other people. Please make sure you can do this comfortably. Be respectful of others and your own intentions to be there.

Bring light food, snacks, water and non-alcoholic and not overly stimulating drinks
Bring suitable clothing that is comfortable, layered should you need more warmth
Bring your favourite meditation cushions if you like
For those with medically prescribed conditions like diabetes, please bring your medication.
Give yourself time before travelling home to ground yourself and know you can travel safely.


Who We Are

We are an independent group offering this Meditation Day to you. We do this so you can know an Energy that connects us all to our inner Essence. The Light and Sound is a Spiritual energy which will be yours to meditate with from this day onwards. We offer ongoing support and this is also freely given.


Guidelines for Attending

Meditate daily Be comfortable with your practice. Be comfortable within yourself, relaxed and focussed during these precious moments. Increase your quality time meditating each day. I suggest that you practice breath meditation because it is a simple and natural way to meditate with quite rapid, beneficial results. Increase the quality time that you meditate, to suit your daily lifestyle and, you can enjoy this as a very natural way of being.

Practice non-judgement, acceptance, love and forgiveness along with service to others. Bring these attitudes and intentions into your life and be realistic. To accept something is not the same as approving of its cause or purpose. To be non-judgemental is not the complete absence of judgment but noticing when it is no longer necessary and to free yourself and others of its consequences.

Avoid misuse or excessive use of drugs and alcohol It is your choice and I write this with understanding and compassion. But we will not give the Light and Sound energy to those we notice to be influenced by their use. This Energy is said to be about freedom. If you are dependent on substances for your happiness or functioning, then seek appropriate professional help.


This Is A Gift

What my friends and I offer you, is given as a gift. We believe it is a spiritually profound and beautiful gift and, one that is a very natural complement to our lives. If you feel or think there is more beyond the mind, body and physical universe, then this may be perfect for you.

This is not only an invitation to people like you, but to existing groups of meditators, healers, yoga enthusiasts or the curious. This is an invitation to any groups of people, who have a curiosity or deep desire to know their so-called Spiritual nature or essence.

It is given, so you can meditate to know what deeply connects us, regardless of physical differences. This is an energy, that shows we are not just of the physical universe, but of a more expansive source, complete in and of itself, that can ultimately be realised as limitless, infinite and not of the personality.


Please Note

A duty of care
We will not give the Energy to people heavily prescribed for mental health issues or people with enduring mental health issues that impacts upon their life.
Receiving the Light and Sound should not be considered as a cure for any physical or mental health concerns. Please seek or continue with appropriate professional treatment.

We give the Energy to adults or those of 18 years of age and above
We decline to give the Energy to people experiencing a lot of stress or trauma at this time
We will not give the Energy to women who are pregnant or trying to be pregnant
We will not give the Light and Sound to those influenced by drugs and/or alcohol use
I imagine you will be respectful of our offer and the conditions of care I outline above


Useful and Important Info

Will the Light and Sound meditation be appropriate for you?

It is an important question, if you are thinking of attending.
I want you to make the best, informed decision and I will be honest and direct with you, to assist with this. Read the information on this website and contact me with any questions.

I am interested in people meditating to know the Light and Sound and its potential, for themselves. I will avoid debate, argument, demands for justification or distraction from what I offer freely, with the best intentions.

I reserve the right to remove the offer of the Light and Sound at any time. And I am offering this absolutely free of any charge, without any ‘catches.’

The practise of Light and Sound meditation is inclusive, non-religious and not for profit. What we are offering is an inner spirituality that can also shine outwards, through people like you, into the world.


A Commitment Through Meditation

We find our own unique ways to make meditation a significant part of our daily lifestyle and express ourselves with greater harmony. We learn what it is to be diligent and avoid distraction. There is a reason why these practices to acknowledge our special, shared existence, are known in many cultures and countries. There is a reason why they are called practices. Together we can use the best practices for ourselves and others, to create a better experience of life, for us all.

The Light and Sound is said to be made available to us by Spiritual Beings. I understand, we all have the potential to have contact with them. The unique issue is, that the Light and Sound energy is available to us all. We intend making this available to you, in the most realistic and practical ways possible, with an emphasis upon care and love.

Contact me here when you feel ready to receive access to the Light and Sound



We offer ongoing support after you have received the Energy. This can include contact via phone calls and online via Whatsapp, Skype, and emails. You have the choice to establish your relationship with the Light and Sound through your meditation and with ‘mentoring’ if you want it.

We sometimes refer to these Meditations for receiving the Light and Sound as Initiations – the beginning, the initiation of your Spiritual Path with the Light and Sound. This energy is said by some people, to be made available to us by Spiritual Beings and, it is not owned or paid for, but is freely given. We appreciate any support you are happy to give.


Free of Charge

I am happy for you to contribute or donate, if you choose, in a way that will help support other people who will be interested in the Light and Sound meditation.
I do not ask for payments before, during or after you receive the Light and Sound energy.

I suggest you adopt the Pay it Forward principle if you wish to contribute.
For example, you may decide to contribute toward the locating and hiring of a suitable venue for Light and Sound Meditation Days. You may decide to offer your time in supporting people who are meditating in preparation to receive the Energy or creating a group in your local area for new Light and Sound meditators.

Another example is, you decide to contribute toward the travel expense of someone you know, who has financial difficulty in travelling to receive the Energy.
The choice is always yours, to do what you think best with your time and money.



We may hire venues for the meditation retreats. We prefer venues centrally located in towns and cities or easy to find if located elsewhere. Another priority is that they are welcoming and comfortable once we are all there together. On occasion, we may advise you to bring cushions or chairs if the venue does not provide them. It is common that venues have some form of seating.

Wheelchair Users
Some venues are not fitted to accommodate wheelchair users and it will be noted on this website alongside the particular venue. We aim to arrange suitable alternatives for you to receive the Light and Sound Energy.