Love – The Intimate Connection

The inner Light and Sound is like a guide that illuminates our consciousness until we are able to witness from increasingly expansive and wondrous forms of awareness. This may culminate in our realisation of one magnificent awareness beyond any form and a massive contentment and pleasure.

It is about being connected to our full humanity. But it has little to do with personality, character or behaviour. This is because it reveals to us more of what has always been there beyond our common perceptions of mind, body and universe.

It shows us that we human beings are far more unique, luminous, loved and loving and, wholly inseparable from an undying, limitless awareness that is one thing everywhere. It connects us to our true nature….our true spiritual-human being.

It is a meditation with love as its centre and for the expression of humanity. Love is the supportive principle in its highest sense. Love is the only thing everywhere and is the connecting force for all things to be recognised by each other.

Love is a natural absolute stillness that is all things and so is a complete acceptance of all things. From our own silence or witness we can know an unforced inner awareness of who and what we naturally are.

This is a most profound and deeply moving realisation that gives rise to a massive contentment while ringing a new harmony through our entire being. With all this may come knowledge and a stronger connection to our inner intelligence.

Light and Sound Meditation – Free Because it is Priceless


Why Now?

So we may know all that we are, and be a powerful force for good on this planet.

‘There is a delicate balance between spirit and matter which at the present time lies in favour of matter.’

‘This desperately needs to be redressed by injecting vast quantities of Spiritual Energy into the Planet before it is too late. That is why the Light and Sound exists and why we are able to pass on the Spiritual Energies so easily’

That is the importance of this message. That is the reason we are here together, so we can enjoy even greater wonders of being human on this beautiful planet.

The inner Light and Sound may lead to a vast awareness or consciousness that is known as being everywhere at once. There is no place that it is not. Some refer to it as Enlightenment.

This is not a mental or emotional expansion. It is not a cognitive or intellectual growth and it is not known by words but truly transcendent and has to be known fully by the individual. My use of language falls short of adequate descriptions to touch your mind and heart but it was the most profound realisation for me. It feels like it resonates throughout my entire being from that moment to this.

The Light and Sound is a beautiful inner energy with a crucial purpose at this time – inner illumination and harmonising humanity with the planet.


Awakening With The Light and Sound

Inner awareness of the Light and Sound is usually first made through touch by hand from an experienced Light and Sound meditator, to specific points on the head of a person. This normally occurs during a relaxed two day period of meditation. From that moment the inner energy is theirs to meditate with in whatever way it presents itself, so they may enjoy the awareness of their greater, more vibrant presence.

To get the most from the Light and Sound requires our dedication and willingness to meditate. To care enough be open and undefended during meditation, to simply observe and allow things to unfold as they will. It is a practice to connect with our most wise and loving inner intelligence and apply common sense.

Your role as a Light and Sound meditator is to only be fully ‘present’ within your awareness during meditation. Then let things unfold as they will, with patience, less judgment and less expectation.

The purpose is to bring into life the wisdom available to you.

This is not the thoughts, emotions and sensations that are the content of human awareness. It is not only about the spectacular and breathtaking inner experiences, and there may be plenty for some people, but rather the wisdom and recognition of a transcendent inner ‘home’ that connects our humanity with our spirituality.


Connecting You to The Light and Sound

We offer you access to the Light and Sound during a two day meditation event. Contact me so you can know this meditation for yourself.

An individual’s experience and realisations during this meditation may be anything from incredibly powerful to the subtle. Preparation and continued meditation with an emphasis upon the attitude of ‘openeness’ or ‘surrender’ to replace ambition or expectation, will benefit your relationship with this amazing spiritual energy.

The purpose is to know your complete awareness with its deep-rooted pleasure and its all-embracing contentment.

Meditation with the inner Light and Sound is practical and your insights and realisations should be coherent and clear. Developing mindful skills within meditation will be very helpful.

In this way you more easily discern the difference between the mind, for example thoughts of expectations and comparisons within your awareness, and your actual sitting in awareness to witness them.

During meditation you relinquish goals and purpose. You are not trying to get anywhere when you are meditating. It helps to cultivate this attitude and prepare yourself with the intention prior to your meditation.

Purpose driven goals and action bring you to sit for meditation. Being relaxed, mindful and allowing things to unfold as they will, are your behaviour when meditating with the inner Light and Sound energy.


Purposes of the Light and Sound

The Light and Sound are the inner guide to what is experienced as a forever- enduring consciousness. Consider them as a twin projection from this consciousness into the world for us to receive and meditate with.

Its purpose to guide us to a single all-encompassing awareness or enlightenment. They are the pathway that lead to the source, in whatever ways you perceive them, from form to formlessness yet intimately connected to our physical being.

1. To meditate and allow ourselves to be shown what we have always been that is vast, undying, deeply comforting and effulgent. It is for us to connect with this transcendent intelligence inside and harmoniously connect our humanity with our spirituality.

2. To help humanity and the planet be a more harmonious place to live, to bring more light into the lives of ourselves and others in our own unique, practical ways. It is so we know our true magnificence as human and spiritual beings.

By meditating with the Light and Sound and directing Love and Light to the world, you may help this beautiful planet.

Between receiving access to the Light and Sound and potentially realising Enlightenment, you may experience many amazing inner realisations and phenomena. This is not guaranteed. You need to meditate and develop your mindful ability to be present and open with care and respect for yourself.


Spiritual Beings

The Spiritual Beings are said to be various forms of intelligence, identities or individuals, who exist beyond the physical universe and, are collectively referred to by some people, as a Spiritual Hierarchy. Through meditation with the Light and Sound, they assist people in realising the connection between their humanity and spirituality.

By a process I do not understand, they are said to make the Light and Sound energy available to the planet. However, I can confidently write that it is a very real energy, the results of which are known through meditating. More importantly, it is potentially available to you now.

The following are posted as ‘transmissions’ from the Spiritual Hierarchy and the original content can be found on the site created by friends of mine


Love is All
Love is the beginning, the middle and the end.
There is no place where Love is not.
Love, in the highest sense, is the reason that All Things exist


We are here to talk about how to integrate Love into your daily lives.
We are not talking about the love you have for your family or for places you visit, films you love to watch. Earthly love has its limits; it’s hard to love someone or something that we don’t approve of.

The Love of which we speak is eternal, no boundaries, no limits.

When you truly understand this, it is easier to release the boundaries you put around yourselves. You are able to Love the beggar in the street or people you don’t respect, in fact you can Love all things, people and places.

When you Meditate on these Energies you are bringing Love from the Highest Source into your very being…a whole new “World” has been opened up to you. This is why We ask you to pass on that Love to all things present in the Universe.

Just think of the freedom that will give you. Consider the energy you put into disliking this or that. It is as if the veil has been lifted and at last you can accept everything with Love and forgiveness.

The Love that you send every day to the Planet is to help people to find the Love that they have lost. But also for you to practice Loving Everything without judgement.

That is True Loving


Receiving access to the Light and Sound should be seen as a mystery otherwise, meditators may see it as an intellectual exercise, and won’t ‘let go’ into the majesty and beauty of that which can be observed

It should also be said that what is observed (during meditation) shows the person the things they have to learn, in order to grow and move forward.

The energies of Light and Sound are the perfect teachers. They know exactly what the pupil needs and will keep showing them until the pupil has understood.

To be initiated into a spiritual path through Light and Sound is all about learning and growing.
Yes, you may see amazing phenomena along the way – but learn to observe and let go, rather than becoming attached to the visuals.

As in life, if you get too much involved in any one thing, sometimes it stops you from moving on. For instance, you may be in a job you dislike and need to make a change. The Light and Sound will show you the way if you ask. Always ask!


In connecting a person with the Light and Sound, it means that they are meditating on this manifestation of the Source. It could be said that people are actually meditating on themselves, meaning the highest part of them. This is the journey that is taken by an individual to find their true nature.

A person meditating has the choice of whether to “let go” of earthly concerns. If they do, then their journey will be relatively simple and they will reach the Source (Enlightenment) quickly and easily.

A person who takes only fears and worries into their meditations won’t have such an easy time. They may have trouble contacting the energies (Light and Sound) and may need help from a more experienced meditator.

Either way the goal can be reached. The full realization and the connection with the Source is beyond anything that has ever been experienced prior to. The joy, the peace and the love is immeasurable and is impossible to describe or understand.
It has been called “The Peace that passeth all Understanding” for good reasons.


It has become necessary to bring down huge amounts of Energy to address the imbalances of your planet. There are many of you already helping in this task. What we are asking is for people to look to their hearts and bring about massive changes by addressing three major issues:




With these three issues uppermost in people’s minds your world will be helped immeasurably.


On this Journey of Light and Sound you will find out the answers for yourself. There will be no need for clarification as you will know in your heart that the answers are True; it will all make sense to you.

You may discover that you are thinking in a different way, the old ideas and ways of being, diet, etc. will change. This is all a natural process of “letting go” and having the potential to become the best that you can be whilst in a physical form. To reach the highest Spiritual State of Enlightenment – which, in turn will help to raise awareness in your fellow Man.


The Divine Spark is given, through touch, by an Enlightened person who links the meditator directly to the Spiritual Hierarchy. They transmit Energy to the meditator allowing them to Resonate with the Light and Sound of higher planes of Consciousness.

The access to these Energies is permanent and through the process of meditation one can follow a Path which will lead to incredible discoveries and realizations. This requires both perseverance and dedication which will result in immense Stillness, Peace and Joy.


The Power and Beauty of the Light and Sound to all true seekers is immense and beyond all Human understanding. It is only by Meditating in this way that the Truth about the Creation can be found. Everyone has the Potential to realize this Power; it is through perseverance and dedication that this Knowledge will be given to them


Everything has a frequency – even the Earth itself. It is like its blueprint or signature. Each person, animal or inanimate object vibrates at its own unique frequency. Nothing vibrates at exactly the same frequency. It’s a bit like snowflakes, each one has its own form, no two flakes are the same.

If however, the frequency of the Earth and its inhabitants was raised, the Human race would be operating at an entirely different level – which means a whole new way of living. It would be hard to imagine what that would be like. We need to raise the collective Consciousness of the Planet so that people would be ready for that big change. It might sound Utopian but what we are talking about is a united World where Love prevails.


Love is the boundless Energy that pervades all the Creation. Everywhere you look there is Love, because everything that you can see, feel and touch exists because of it.

Everything is connected, so every thought, deed or word is recorded. Nothing is lost: words spoken in anger are more powerful and cause more damage so try to become more gentle in your approach to things. Keep your emotions in check and think before you speak.


Each Initiate has their own journey. If the seeker cannot access the Light, then they should look to their hearts and wonder why:-

1. Am I too greedy for the Light and not letting everything unfold in its own time?

2. Do I feel unworthy?

3. When I sit to meditate, am I always open for whatever happens?

4. Is there something on my mind that needs to be addressed?

We all bring something to the table, so to speak: it is impossible to be completely neutral. A pure, clear, giving seeker who just wants to let go of their troubles, will be the one who gets the most from this amazing journey.