Light and Sound meditation is a beautiful daily practice for knowing your true spiritual inner being. The meditation offers you a direct experience of a powerful inner energy, beyond the common understanding of mind and body.

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What is Light and Sound Meditation?

A long standing spiritual practise connecting the human being with their spiritual being and ultimately Enlightenment.

The light is the inner guide that shows the way, revealing the reality of the inner spiritual cosmos. The sound is the guide that reveals true awareness to be greater and more complete than ever imagined.

It is meditation to realise true spiritual inner being and Enlightenment, beyond the mind and body and to be a beacon of light in the realistic actions of giving and creating more harmony on the planet.

The Light and Sound is made available by spiritual beings who are not physically present at this time.


Why Meditate?

Meditation or mindfully concentrating with an attitude of openness, lets the inner light and sound be present to a person’s awareness and gives the opportunity to be shown more of the true spiritual nature.


Why Light and Sound?

So people access an inner spiritual energy and create a network of Light and Sound across the planet to address the need for more love, acceptance and forgiveness and help change the consciousness of the planet.


What Does the Light and Sound Meditation Include?

The Light and Sound is an inner energy connecting the human being to their essence or the source of all things. It is often realised as Light of various brilliance, that may be known as a multi faceted intelligence and Sound of various types, which may produce changes to inner awareness, deeper sense of inner being and a one-ness without another also called Enlightenment.


How Does the Light and Sound Meditation Work?

Individuals will choose to meditate with the Light and Sound and will contact a person who is able to give access to this energy and begin preparation. They will agree to attend a special two day event, where they can begin meditation with this inner energy.

Once a person has access to the Light and Sound, they make a commitment to themselves to meditate daily to receive more insights and realisations. The inner energy can be considered a being of intention with an individuals awareness being illuminated in a variety of ways, not necessarily in ways expected.

This is only the beginning and how easily a person can be aware of the inner spirituality, really depends on their meditative ability and mindful approach to issues arising from the mind and body.


How Are The Light and Sound Groups Maintained?

Light and Sound meditators keep contact with each other in their respective groups, either online or in person, to ensure each person is supported with any issues related to meditation, giving to others and living their lives mindfully to fit their chosen lifestyles. Meditators may join together and send the healing energ ies in groups either physically present or remotely and as individuals.


How is the Light and Sound Work Done?

People who have received access to the Light and Sound send love, light or healing to individuals, groups, countries or the planet on a daily basis. This spreads the light of love across the globe where it is needed. Individuals recommend this meditation to other people and learn to give selflessly and realistically.

1. Daily meditation with the Light and Sound

2. Using the power of the inner spiritual energy in service to the world – sending love, light and healing – as the individual decides is necessary

3. Contribution in word and action – informing other people about this meditation, supporting other Light and Sound meditators if appropriate, helping with meditation events to give others access to the energy.


What is The Motivation to Meditate with The Light and Sound Energy?

A person seeks to know all that exists as conscioussness or inner awareness beyond the mind and body and physical universe.

The deep desire to know that which cannot be explained or understood by the intellect or thoughts.

To scratch the itch that is the question “is there more?”

People who want a connection to a source that is not only universal but complete in and of itself, yet felt deeply but not revealed by education, intellect, goal achievement, consumerism or intoxification.


What Does the Light and Sound Meditation Offer?

1. Receiving access to this energy may reveal an inner presence that is Light and Sound, inner feeling and inner being

2. Meditating to reveal an existence beyond the mind and body, birth and death as commonly accepted concepts, systems and events

3. Further meditation to reveal an ultimate state of completeness, sometimes called Enlightenment

It offers communication between the individual’s spiritual being and their human being with the potential for inner vastness, feelings of deep bliss and love, awareness of inner energy fields, intelligences and great stillness and strong sense of completeness. The Light and Sound may show the essence of being, what has always been there.

How Do I Prepare to Receive the Light and Sound?

The daily practise of Breath Meditation is used to encourage feelings of being present, relaxed and still on the inside, with less judgement and more acceptance.

Contact with a person able to give access to the Light and Sound is necessary to establish whether or not this inner energy meditation is appropriate for you.

A genuine willingness to continue daily meditation with the Light and Sound energy once access has been received.


Who is Eligible to Receive Access to The Light and Sound?

Men and women of adult age, who have a wholehearted desire to meditate with the inner Light and Sound and who are needed for service to others. It is important people are meditating daily.

People avoiding alcohol or drug misuse, not experiencing mental health issues, who are not medicated for mental health or experiencing excessive stress and trauma and, who are not pregnant or trying to be pregnant at the time of seeking the Light and Sound.


Will There be Opportunities for People Not Currently Eligible?

We intend for there to be opportunities because people can and do recover from many health issues.


Is The Light and Sound Meditation a Business or Religious?

The Light and Sound meditation is not a business, is not for profit and is not religious. It is a universal spiritual movement and includes people of many different backgrounds, interests and careers.

The Light and Sound meditation is a service to humanity, the planet and the universe because everything is realised as being connected. Meditators contribute in a variety of selfless ways to increase the flow of light, love and healing.


Your next step

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