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Testimonial C.M.

My initiation felt profound and strong and it has propelled me into much deeper meditational states. Even though I am still struggling a bit to always hear the Sound, the Light is with me immediately and seems to have a great deal to teach me. The initiation has helped me understand the mission of Light and Sound in both a more personal and universal manner and has invigorated my spiritual practice at all levels of being. I am truly grateful to have received this energy and hope to one day pass it on to others. I am feeling such gratitude for this blessing.

Testimonial D.P.

Meditating on the Light and Sound has added an incredible level of depth to my life that nothing else I have tried compares to. Over the years it has continued to melt away those parts of me that were nothing other than barriers to my progress on my Spiritual Journey leaving me feeling lighter, happier and more open to these incredible energies. Although it can be difficult at times I know meditating on the Light and Sound is the most worthwhile thing I can do, and the loving intelligence within has one ultimate aim – to show me what I really am!

Testimonial D.H.

The light and sound meditation is an ancient method of meditation which reveals a spiritual path from revelation of the thousand petaled lotus to enlightenment. Seeing the thousand petalled lotus on my first initiation when I was just 20 years old way back in February 1987 was an amazing spiritual experience which showed me how pure the spiritual realms inside are. Progressing through the initiations over the years proved to be an amazing journey of spiritual unfoldment as the energies of the light and sound became ever more subtle and pure until I received the energy for Enlightenment in June 2006.

The light and sound meditation revealed the highest expression and purity of LOVE to me on Enlightenment. A love that binds the creation and saturates its essence, and is something far beyond that which can be experienced in day to day living and what the mind could comprehend.

Upon enlightenment, despite the enormity of the state of awareness, one realises that this is just another beginning and is a new opportunity for growth and to serve others whilst we have a physical body and a life to live in the world.

At present the hierarchy are working with those that have had the 3rd initiation or enlightenment to bring greater clarity of awareness and develop us spiritually far beyond what we thought was possible and this knowledge we want to share with those that wish to learn about these spiritual ‘gems’. So the journey never stops until the day we die and then a new one begins.

I have to give full credit for my spiritual progress up to Enlightenment on having a Spiritual Teacher working through The Hierarchy that could give these states of consciousness, and to people that cared enough to support me when life threw up its greatest challenges. To say I completed the journey myself without continued spiritual grace and support over many years would be undermining the enormity of what I have received through others.

In 2015 we have the Spiritual Hierarchy giving the grace for these initiations and Enlightenment directly. All that is needed is a genuine desire to meditate on the light and sound and to give something positive back to the world in your own way without seeking recognition or reward. Enlightenment has never been easier or more accessible for the sincere seeker of truth.

Testimonial M.H.

“My Enlightenment was one of pure joy. When I sat to meditate I was transformed by a limitless expansion of Love which i realized was my True Nature. Since then I been able to fulfill my purpose of helping others to embark on their Spiritual Journey and to attain to Enlightenment.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who are assisting in this wonderful and awe inspiring Work.”

Testimonial N.H.

“When I sat down to meditate for the first Initiation I really didn’t expect very much. People tend to exaggerate but usually because of enthusiasm rather than deception. So it was with an open mind that I turned up on my cushion that day.

In no way could I have been prepared for what transpired when I was given the Divine Spark; I felt as if I was being shot into space through galaxies of the most beautiful Light imaginable in colours of white and gold. All I wanted to do was to die right there and then, realizing that even though I considered myself educated, I knew nothing.

Obviously I did return to meditate another day. A number of years later I became Enlightened due to the Love and devotion of my teacher. I now am in a position to help others along the same Path and will spend the rest of my earthly life doing so.

Working for the Spiritual Hierarchy by Initiating and bringing down Knowledge is the greatest privilege a person could possibly be given.”

Testimonial I.K.

Reflecting back on my life…..I started to have an inner calling at the age of 7, when, as I found myself looking at a mirror, a forceful question WHO AM I? would come and caused to me a natural fear.Then, I would immediately run away from the mirror!

As a child I felt that mystical fear, yet had no confidence to ask anyone the meaning of that experience. I sensed more than one version of me….. supplying a clue to other, previous lifetimes.

We had an old bible at home and I used to enjoy reading prophetic stories. So, I grew up finding myself more interested in mystical subjects than classroom subjects. At school I found myself reading more about different religions, in the school library and much less normal subjects.

At the age of 18 I tried yoga, already changing churches from Roman Catholic to Protestant to Assemblies of God to Jehovah’s Witness, even become a Muslim for a while. I wondered where God is and if there is one, why no direct connection?

So, I dared to be the one who would listen and surrender to the highest good of all. Deep down I knew there was an answer to all this mystery but somehow illusive to my mind. At the Age of 20 I was directed to a Yoga meditation class by a friend, which I found to be a center of Light and Sound meditation. Within a year I was initiated into the Light and Sound by (N) and (M) who were Initiating at that time to spread Spirituality.

Later on I left that Path for a number of reasons, mostly regarding honesty and integrity and went on with my life, but still meditating on the Light and Sound.

Ten years later, at the end of 2015, I felt I needed help to finish my quest to Enlightenment. I felt huge inner pressures which I could not resist. So I decided to go back to previous Path but before I finished the whole process I came across the Lightwave page on Facebook.

In April 2016 I was skeptical, but contacted (D) who explained very well about this new Mission of making Spirituality available to the masses.

Later, during the May Grace period in 2016 I attained my Second Initiation which proved to me the validity of this new Path. I realised I exist beyond all forms. That’s the whole of creation which is a miracle of Divinity, the combination of organised energies, which constitute both animate and inanimate things. I realized that death is simply an illusion that we are limited and mortal.

Now, more inspired with awe and wonder of this Super Conscious State, I focused on my Meditation with deepest desire to serve the rest of humanity to access the same Truth that I came across.

Four months later I was asked to sit for Enlightenment! Somehow I struggled with the idea of Meditating for Enlightenment due to my mindset and background. I received love and help as well as inspiration from (N), (D), (J) and (Y). I sat to Meditate for 14 days.Then a miracle happened after nine days of my Meditation! I found that all things dance to a mysterious beat and fire, which forms the whole of Creation seen and unseen.

The Light Beings or Spiritual Guides who accompanied me on my Journey were transcended one by one and later on I realised these are Beings working on the successive levels of Light and Sound. When the Light and Sound is slower than who and where your awareness is………that’s is how transcendence happens.

I realised, without doubt, that there is nothing beyond the Awareness of my Being. To see and to Be is essentially one thing and I am nowhere to be found. Rather, the Light and Sound is contained in the vast formless State of my Awareness. There is nowhere to go, there is no Journey, there is nothing more you can do than mimic the Secret of Nature itself. All is Love, I can only BE.

There is no proof needed on these planes or beyond for Being Yourself. There are no explanations; the mind does not get Enlightened; the simplicity of this State is completely illusive to the mind. Let these writings serve and inspire you on your Spiritual Journey. Don’t listen to politics, just focus within yourself and all the answers are there waiting to unfold through you.

With the Grace from the Spiritual Hierarchy you will arrive Home and find the secret of all Existence.

Special thanks to (N), (M), (D), (V), (J) and (Y) for being close and providing support and encouragement when needed most along the way.
With Love (IK)

My initiation was on the 10th of September, 2016. Before I did my Light and Sound Meditation I had plenty of time without meditating so at first it was a little bit difficult for me to concentrate. But at the time I was going to get introduced to the Light, I finally found that I could concentrate with the help of repeating my Mantra.

At the time my Spiritual teachers passed to me the Light everything changed; I felt something, I didn’t think someone could ever feel like that. I became Light, I wasn’t Melanie anymore, I was “Sunlight”, it felt like some kind of tiny little thread that connected Earth and the Sun. Everything inside me was White, all my thoughts, my feelings, skin, everything. That moment was when I realized that I was a human body on Earth but my mind, Soul, and Spirit were Light. I was part of two incredible things, Earth and Sun at the same time, connecting each other. That’s how I knew I’m Light and we all are!

After I felt Light I deduced that there couldn’t be any other feeling as amazing as that one. But there was when the Sound came…..

When I received the Sound I felt the biggest plenitude I had ever heard or ever felt. At that moment nothing was either white or black, cute or ugly, good or bad, happy or sad, alive or dead. Everything and everyone just were, without judgment and thinking.

By analogy: you are a tiny plant that is always connected to the Earth with your roots and to the air with you leaves, but at that time you receive the Sound you are just the plant without air or land. You are only the plant, but then you realize that a plant can’t live without the air or the land, so I got to the conclusion that the plant it’s nothing without these two things but is everything with them. So we are Everything that it’s actually Nothing!

Light was amazing and mind-blowing but Sound was really incredible. I’m really glad I was at the ideal place at the perfect time so I could receive the Initiation. I’m also thankful to my Spiritual teachers that have helped me to find who I am. I really hope everyone can get Light and Sound Meditation in their lives.

Love (M.T.)

This is something I wrote today, I hope it can put words to what I know many already feel and it can inspire them through this amazing Journey. I just asked from the bottom of my heart very intensely: “Please, please, show me who I really am, I am not my ego”. It is so amazing reading the second initiates website after all the realizations and seeing they’re not just my subconscious mind projections but the Cosmic knowledge being unfolded to me in meditation!

Thank you. I thank the Spiritual Hierarchy for showing me back who I am. I have been feeling their warm embrace every step I have walked through the Journey. Eternal thanks (J), for your great Love, I love you. Thank you (L) for your Light, Thank you my dear brothers and sisters (M, A, A, H, V, G, R, N and M, and many more I can’t name!) I love you all.

I am everything I behold, the Light showed me that everything that manifests itself is myself, and I only felt a profound Love. I feel humble, I can never again judge any person or any manifestation that stands before me in this incarnation or in any Plane, no matter how unpleasant it may appear… I can only embrace it from Love and thus let it return back to its Source, to its Essence, to the Love that brought it to existence, the Love that I am, You are, the Love that is Everything.

I remembered who I am and what am I here for (yes, after 17 years I have an answer to your questions J!) Tears are running down my eyes. I am not (Y), (Y) is a vehicle, a Sacred tool. I was aware, with no mind or body, beholding my thoughts in the Infinite, Multidimensional Universe. All I feel is Love. Darkness is Light, it is You, don’t be afraid, surrender to what you are, don’t hold on to what you are not. I had the certainty I was Enlightened in a previous life and I decided to incarnate again to remind mankind there’s no reason to ever be afraid. We only need to remember we are Love. Death is a state of Being, of realizing we are Everything… One does not lose consciousness even for a second on dying, it only feels like Freedom, Love, Infinity… If only those who suffer could see how strong they really are…

I am grateful for EVERYTHING in my life (ups and downs, pains and joys), I am grateful to know there are beautiful beings like You that are here to remind the rest that we are manifestations in a physical Plane of an Immensity beyond limits made of Love… Don’t let anybody tell you about this, don’t read it in a book, Light and Sound will show you. May Divine Love be with you all.

Meditation on Light and Sound is a wonderful thing and I am very grateful that it has come into my life.

I had no experience in meditation. I had practiced yoga occasionally and found it difficult to be calm because thoughts raced through my mind. That is something that changed during Initiation and the following weeks.

In Initiation, I experienced things I had never felt. An explosion of Love and dance of colors that totally enveloped me, which I can not explain in words and I only managed to call it a universal orgasm.

Since then, my process has been curious. I Meditated with constancy and could notice how the ruminating thoughts were no longer present or much less and I felt in a constant calm. I began to realize that I was more in the present moment, that things that might have irritated me at another time, did not do it anymore. Since then, several weeks have passed, in which I have remained more Conscious, with more calm but also greater search.

I feel a desire to Love and honor all people, much more present than before. And I feel that I am in a process that is just beginning, because I am not yet clear where it will lead me. When I rationalize what happens to me, I find it difficult to understand and doubt if I am orienting myself in the way that my being is pointing to me. I have had moments of denial, retreat and repression; I think my ego has a hard time following the path of my being, but in that I follow. I seek to orient myself to feel more and rationalize less, with patience, honoring the Hierarchy and asking for help and accompaniment to my guide I am sure that I will go in that direction.

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