Hi, my name is Jens and thanks for reading my Lightwave Meditation site

I was in my early twenties when I asked myself the big questions: “What more am I, if anything?” and “Is there really an existence before and after life on this planet?”

Shortly after, I found a meditation that started me on a journey of Self discovery that was beyond anything my imagination conceived. At the time I was working in temporary office roles and preparing to go to university. I began dedicating much of my spare time to meditating with the inner Light and Sound, learning all I could from experienced teachers of this practice.

Many of us seek to discover our life’s purpose. I discovered one or to be more accurate, I was assisted by a number of very generous people to discover a very significant one. In 2005, after many insights and experiences during meditation, I received a massive change of awareness referred to by some as Enlightenment. There have been many before me and many after, who also know this huge inner awareness and that it may positively change our perception of self and the life we share.

I believe it is possible for us to know our vast and undying inner nature, that is inseparable because it is one thing everywhere, by meditating with the Light and Sound.

It is very real and potentially available to anyone. This powerful and beautiful inner energy is enabling people around the world to realise this for themselves.

I now help people in receiving the inner Light and Sound, believing that this really is the age for more people discovering their true human and spiritual nature.


A Very Brief History of Me

Meditation has been of interest to me since I was a teenager. At 16 years of age, I thought about it frequently but made sure I was distracted enough to avoid practice.

Until, a fateful afternoon as a young twenty-something, when I sat down on a cushion in the middle of my bedroom floor and relaxed and concentrated. I was uplifted and suprised by the experience, because I was shown what I can best describe as ‘inner space’. It boosted my resolve to continue exploring opportunities to know ‘me’ and what more may be inside.

Through good fortune – being in the right place at the right time and talking with people, I found the Light and Sound meditation people in the UK. I received access to the Light and Sound and was thankful to discover this inner energy is very real. I was shown more than I could imagine during my meditations. With daily meditation, I was shown much more beyond my previous ideas of space and time and thought and imagination. And it was great!

Over time, I received amazing insights into my true inner being and the literally, unimaginable power and immeasurable scale of our shared inner ‘spiritual’ world. What was made very clear, is that I did nothing except mindfully relax and concentrate (meditate).

In 2015, I tested the idea that I could give people access to this energy. The person I chose was a meditator of about two years experience. They were able to sit mindfully for 45 minutes with an attitude to allow things to unfold naturally with less interpretation and, they already saw inner light during meditation. After receiving access to the Light and Sound, they see light and hear sound in ways they had not before. Now they have the potential to know even more.

I now instruct in the Light and Sound meditation and travel to make this available to people.
I know the Light and Sound meditation works because people who actually meditate – relax, open, attentive and receptive – confirm it works – they feel what it is like to meditate with the Light and Sound and have their awareness and perception of self changed, by something greater than what they can think or imagine.

I strongly recommend you choose to receive the inner Light and Sound meditation. Contact me and find out for yourself. Do you feel ready? Are you willing to sit, relax, gently be attentive and, be open to all that you may be given?

Please Note: It will not make you extraordinarily wealthy, healthy, attractive, motivated – you have to do other specific actions to create those things

Be Aware: It may prove to be the greatest gift you give yourself, if you genuinely feel the need to discover the full connection between your human and spiritual being.

If you like to know this for yourself, contact me.


How Did the Light and Sound Meditation Begin?

The answer I give here is partly a summary of information I was given and a very brief account of what I know.

Years ago a man was given access to an inner Energy by his ‘teacher’ in a meditation group. During meditation he was shown that he could also pass on the Light and Sound energy to others so they may know their spiritual nature as he does. He did just that.

I was one of many very fortunate recipients of the kindness and generosity of that man. He showed that the actual guru or teacher is really inside, in the form of Light and Sound and, that during meditation your insights and realisations can be so profound, you realise more of what has always been there, beyond the physical mind and body.

This man said, once people make a series of realisations, they have a choice to either stay or leave his group. Either way, he asked that they tell others about the benefits of Light and Sound meditation. Some people chose to do this and to help others. Having the realisation of Enlightenment has shown we can also give access to the Energy.

The emphasis is on the opportunity to discover more of what we are. And trusting in our realisations and insights that will lead to greater choice and more freedom of how to live harmoniously within ourselves and with others. It is available to help express more love on the planet and, that requires us as individuals to develop ourselves in mindful, compassionate and realistic ways.


What is Different About This?

This inner Light and Sound is real and has been witnessed by many people during meditation
It both appears and is felt as being powerful, dynamic and intelligent.
You may realise that everything is supported by Love and not from a physical or emotional energy but an awareness that is all-embracing, all-accepting, all-supporting. In other places, it has been called an Ocean of Love.
To know the Light and Sound in your meditation does not require audio books, elaborate belief systems, restrictive lifestyles
The energy is being used to bring greater Love to this planet and it requires people to choose to accept and develop this
The Light and Sound energy is freely available to you now



A Global Network of Light and Sound Meditators

People are receiving access to the inner Light and Sound in the UK, Spain, USA, Peru, Chile, Cuba, amongst other countries in Europe, Africa and the Americas. In the words of others, it is the greatest self discovery, that takes the Seeker through the Spiritual dimensions that lead to the state of Enlightenment.

One purpose for this, is to increase our awareness of inner love and the connection between us all as human beings. It is to learn our own unique expression of this upon the beautiful planet we all share. This requires us to connect with like-minded people and share what we have received, so others may benefit.



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