Hi, my name is Jens and thanks for reading my Lightwave Meditation website.

A Very Brief History of Me

Meditation has been of interest to me since I was a teenager. At 16 years of age, I thought about it frequently but made sure I was distracted enough to avoid practice.

Until, a fateful afternoon as a young twenty-something, when I sat down on a cushion in the middle of my bedroom floor and relaxed and concentrated. The experience convinced me to continue and laid dry wood around the red hot ember of my perennial question “What more am I, if anything?” and “Is there really an existence before, during and after life on this planet?”

I found the Light and Sound meditation people in the UK. I received access to the Light and Sound and was thankful to discover this inner energy is very real. I was shown more than I could imagine during my meditations. With daily meditation, I was shown much more beyond my previous ideas of space and time and thought and imagination. And it was great!

Over time, I received amazing insights into my true inner being and the literally, unimaginable power and immeasurable scale of our shared inner ‘spiritual’ world. What was made very clear, is that I did nothing except mindfully relax and concentrate (meditate).

In 2015, I tested the idea that I could give people access to this energy. The person I chose was a meditator of about two years experience. They were able to sit mindfully for 45 minutes with an attitude to allow things to unfold naturally with less interpretation and, they already saw inner light during meditation. After receiving access to the Light and Sound, they see light and hear sound in ways they had not before. Now they have the potential to know even more.

I now instruct in the Light and Sound meditation and travel to make this available to people.
I know the Light and Sound meditation works because people who actually meditate – relax, open, attentive and receptive – confirm it works – they feel what it is like to meditate with the Light and Sound and have their awareness and perception of self changed, by something greater than what they can think or imagine.

I strongly recommend you choose to receive the inner Light and Sound meditation. Contact me and find out for yourself. Do you feel ready? Are you willing to sit, relax, gently be attentive and, be open to all that you may be given?

Please Note: It will not make you extraordinarily wealthy, healthy, attractive, motivated – you have to do other specific actions to create those things

Be Aware: It may prove to be the greatest gift you give yourself, if you genuinely feel the need to discover the full connection between your human and spiritual being.

If you like to know this for yourself, contact me.


How Did the Light & Sound Meditation Begin?

The answer I give here is partly a summary of information I was given and a very brief account of what I know.

Years ago a man was given access to an inner Energy by his ‘teacher’ in a meditation group. During meditation he was shown that he could also pass on the Light and Sound energy to others so they may know their spiritual nature as he does. He did just that.

I was one of many very fortunate recipients of the kindness and generosity of that man. He showed that the actual guru or teacher is really inside, in the form of Light and Sound and, that during meditation your insights and realisations can be so profound, you realise more of what has always been there, beyond the physical mind and body.

This man said, once people make a series of realisations, they have a choice to either stay or leave his group. Either way, he asked that they tell others about the benefits of Light and Sound meditation. Some people chose to do this and to help others. Having the realisation of Enlightenment has shown we can also give access to the Energy.

The emphasis is on the opportunity to discover more of what we are. And trusting in our realisations and insights that will lead to greater choice and more freedom of how to live harmoniously within ourselves and with others. It is available to help express more love on the planet and, that requires us as individuals to develop ourselves in mindful, compassionate and realistic ways.


Spiritual Beings

The Spiritual Beings are said to be various forms of intelligence, identities or individuals, who exist beyond the physical universe and, are collectively referred to by some people, as a Spiritual Hierarchy. Through meditation with the Light and Sound, they assist people in realising the connection between their humanity and spirituality.

By a process I do not understand, they are said to make the Light and Sound energy available to the planet. However, I can confidently write that it is a very real energy, the results of which are known through meditating. More importantly, it is potentially available to you now.

Access to meditate with this Energy is made by physical touch, from an experienced Light and Sound meditator. This is someone who has realised and, whose awareness has returned from an inner state that is complete, one thing everywhere without another, limitless, perfect and truly ‘Home’, with no where it is not. Contrary and intellectually puzzling, it has nothing to do with the personality of the individual concerned, giving rise to the declaration, ‘the personality does not get enlightened.’ It is not an easy thing to describe.


The following are posted as ‘transmissions’ from the Spiritual Hierarchy and the original content can be found on the site created by friends of mine www.spiritualhierarchy.co.uk

From where we sit, because of human frailties, it has become necessary to bring down huge amounts of Energy to address the imbalances of your planet. There are many of you already helping in this task. What we are asking is for people to look to their hearts and bring about massive changes by addressing three major issues:




With these three issues uppermost in people’s minds your world will be helped immeasurably.

This is a message for all who seek Initiation, or further States to progress along the Path to Enlightenment. We here can see much preparation going on and it heartens us because it means that the Energy sent will be used well, and with the commitment it deserves. You, as people seeking Initiation can be assured that on every step of the Journey you will be cared for, helped and Loved by Us. It is a Journey to find out about the big questions you may have been looking for all your life.

On this Journey of Light and Sound you will find out the answers for yourself. There will be no need for clarification as you will know in your heart that the answers are True; it will all make sense to you. You may discover that you are thinking in a different way, the old ideas and ways of being, diet, etc. will change. This is all a natural process of “letting go” and having the potential to become the best that you can be whilst in a physical form. To reach the highest Spiritual State of Enlightenment – which, in turn will help to raise awareness in your fellow Man.

The Divine Spark is given, through touch, by an Enlightened person who links the meditator directly to the Spiritual Hierarchy. They transmit Energy to the meditator allowing them to Resonate with the Light and Sound of higher planes of Consciousness. The access to these Energies is permanent and through the process of meditation one can follow a Path which will lead to incredible discoveries and realizations. This requires both perseverance and dedication which will result in immense Stillness, Peace and Joy.

The Power and Beauty of the Light and Sound to all true seekers is immense and beyond all Human understanding. It is only by Meditating in this way that the Truth about the Creation can be found. Everyone has the Potential to realize this Power; it is through perseverance and dedication that this Knowledge will be given to them

Everything has a frequency – even the Earth itself. It is like its blueprint or signature. Each person, animal or inanimate object vibrates at its own unique frequency. Nothing vibrates at exactly the same frequency. It’s a bit like snowflakes, each one has its own form, no two flakes are the same. If however, the frequency of the Earth and its inhabitants was raised, the Human race would be operating at an entirely different level – which means a whole new way of living. It would be hard to imagine what that would be like. We need to raise the collective Consciousness of the Planet so that people would be ready for that big change. It might sound Utopian but what we are talking about is a united World where Love prevails.

Love is the boundless Energy that pervades all the Creation. Everywhere you look there is Love, because everything that you can see, feel and touch exists because of it. Everything is connected, so every thought, deed or word is recorded. Nothing is lost: words spoken in anger are more powerful and cause more damage so try to become more gentle in your approach to things. Keep your emotions in check and think before you speak.

Each Initiate has their own journey. If the seeker cannot access the Light, then they should look to their hearts and wonder why:-

1. Am I too greedy for the Light and not letting everything unfold in its own time?

2. Do I feel unworthy?

3. When I sit to meditate, am I always open for whatever happens?

4. Is there something on my mind that needs to be addressed?

We all bring something to the table, so to speak: it is impossible to be completely neutral. A pure, clear, giving seeker who just wants to let go of their troubles, will be the one who gets the most from this amazing journey.


What is Different About This?

This inner energy is real
It is powerful and dynamic and intelligent.
Everything is supported by Love and you can directly know the Light and Sound during meditation after receiving the energy for this
To know the Light and Sound in your meditation does not require audio books, elaborate belief systems, restrictive life styles
The energy is being used to bring greater Love to this planet and to you if you choose to accept and develop this
The Light and Sound energy is real and it is freely available to you now
This Is For You


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