This is something I wrote today, I hope it can put words to what I know many already feel and it can inspire them through this amazing Journey. I just asked from the bottom of my heart very intensely: “Please, please, show me who I really am, I am not my ego”. It is so amazing reading the second initiates website after all the realizations and seeing they’re not just my subconscious mind projections but the Cosmic knowledge being unfolded to me in meditation!

Thank you. I thank the Spiritual Hierarchy for showing me back who I am. I have been feeling their warm embrace every step I have walked through the Journey. Eternal thanks (J), for your great Love, I love you. Thank you (L) for your Light, Thank you my dear brothers and sisters (M, A, A, H, V, G, R, N and M, and many more I can’t name!) I love you all.

I am everything I behold, the Light showed me that everything that manifests itself is myself, and I only felt a profound Love. I feel humble, I can never again judge any person or any manifestation that stands before me in this incarnation or in any Plane, no matter how unpleasant it may appear… I can only embrace it from Love and thus let it return back to its Source, to its Essence, to the Love that brought it to existence, the Love that I am, You are, the Love that is Everything.

I remembered who I am and what am I here for (yes, after 17 years I have an answer to your questions J!) Tears are running down my eyes. I am not (Y), (Y) is a vehicle, a Sacred tool. I was aware, with no mind or body, beholding my thoughts in the Infinite, Multidimensional Universe. All I feel is Love. Darkness is Light, it is You, don’t be afraid, surrender to what you are, don’t hold on to what you are not. I had the certainty I was Enlightened in a previous life and I decided to incarnate again to remind mankind there’s no reason to ever be afraid. We only need to remember we are Love. Death is a state of Being, of realizing we are Everything… One does not lose consciousness even for a second on dying, it only feels like Freedom, Love, Infinity… If only those who suffer could see how strong they really are…

I am grateful for EVERYTHING in my life (ups and downs, pains and joys), I am grateful to know there are beautiful beings like You that are here to remind the rest that we are manifestations in a physical Plane of an Immensity beyond limits made of Love… Don’t let anybody tell you about this, don’t read it in a book, Light and Sound will show you. May Divine Love be with you all.