‘The greatness of this beautiful meditation is….it allows a true existence in your real essence’

Light and Sound is the meditation that connects people to their true inner essence, free of any charge and without the need for a guru, so that they can share their light of love with the planet

There is a power and beauty available to you

‘I was propelled through vast Planes of Light which revealed….absolute beauty and perfection. My senses were overwhelmed….nothing in this world compares with the sheer magnificence of these regions’

A person receives access to the inner Light and Sound by touch. They then meditate as practiced – relaxed, mindfully attentive upon their inner awareness, noticing any distraction to return to meditating without interpretation – to allow the energy to be felt, heard and seen as part of their inner awareness, in ways unique to the individual.

The Light and Sound is a beautiful inner energy with a crucial purpose at this time – inner illumination and harmonising humanity with the planet

A solid foundation of mindful preparation is recommended before a person receives access to the inner Light and Sound. I do not predict what a person will experience or realise during meditation. Useful preparation is learning to feel what it is to be ‘present’, being happy to breath meditate, reducing expectation and importantly, noticing whenever distracted and returning their attention to meditation.

Intimately and beautifully connected to being human

It is your connection to greater spiritual awareness and ultimately Enlightenment. Your awareness is far more than imagined and our shared purpose is far greater then we are commonly told. It involves no belief beyond the willingness to meditate to know this for yourself. Inner peace, freedom, contentment and a knowledge of the non-physical, may be yours.

We offer you access to the Light and Sound during a two day meditation event. Contact me so we can arrange for you to know this for yourself.

An individual’s experience and realisations during meditation, after receiving access to the Light and Sound, may be anything from incredibly powerful to the subtle. Preparation and continued meditation with an emphasis upon the attitude of ‘openeness’ or ‘surrender’ to replace ambition or expectation, will benefit your relationship with this amazing spiritual energy.


Are You Ready to Raise Your Consciousness and Contribute to a Greater Purpose?

Two Purposes for the Light and Sound

1. To connect you with a Spiritual energy, so you may know your Essence that is beyond mind and body and the physical world. Meditate daily, connect and share what you discover with people and encourage more love, forgiveness and acceptance in your life.

2. To help humanity and the planet be a more harmonious place to live, to bring more light into the lives of others in our unique way and, share the benefits of meditating with the Light and Sound.


Benefits of Meditating with The Light and Sound

The satisfaction, the confirmation, in truly knowing an existence beyond the commonly accepted beliefs of mind, brain and body and life and death.

The contentment from the powerful inner transformations in awareness during meditation, that reveal we are more complete and in perfect stillness and harmony, than we could ever imagine.

‘After I felt Light….there couldn’t be any other feeling as amazing as that one…. when the Sound came……that moment nothing was either white or black, cute or ugly, good or bad’

In my experience, it was only realised when I meditated with the Light and Sound. This was not only due to the deep silence and health benefits of mindfully meditating, but to the inner transformations and expansions of consciousness I received.


Access Deep Insights

You can directly experience the inner Light and Sound during meditation and that if you continue meditating, you may know that which is ultimately without limit, is complete, one-thing-everywhere. Sometimes referred to as Enlightenment

By meditating with the Light and Sound and directing Love and Light to the world, you may help bring Spiritual energy to this beautiful planet.

Between receiving access to the Light and Sound and potentially realising Enlightenment, you may experience many amazing inner realisations and phenomena. This is not guaranteed. You need to meditate and develop your mindful ability to be present and open with care and respect for yourself.

‘When I sat down….I had very few expectations….I had respect for the people who had taught and guided me, I felt that they were exaggerating. How wrong I was! Nothing could have prepared me for what happened when I received the “touch” ‘


A Growing Global Network of Light and Sound Meditators

People are receiving access to the inner Light and Sound in the UK, Spain, Brazil, Costa Rica, US amongst other countries in Europe, Africa and the Americas

The purpose is to increase the awareness and practice of love and acceptance that is within us all, that connects us all, on this beautiful planet. In the words of others, it is the greatest self discovery, that takes the Seeker through the Spiritual dimensions that lead to the state of Enlightenment.

This requires us to come together and connect with like-minded people and share what we have received, so others may benefit from the Light and Sound, if they choose it.

‘There is a delicate balance between spirit and matter which at the present time lies in favour of matter.’
‘This desperately needs to be redressed by injecting vast quantities of Spiritual Energy into the Planet before it is too late. That is why the Light and Sound exists and why we are able to pass on the Spiritual Energies so easily’


This Is For You

This really is the connection between your human and spiritual awareness. Experience the Inner Light and Sound easily and with the offer of support and guidance, if you want it.

Know your complete nature and know all that you are. That is the importance of this message. That is the reason we are here. Together we can enjoy even greater wonders of being human, on this beautiful planet.

Read the information on this website and contact me with any questions.

Mindful breath meditation is an excellent, mindful preparation for receiving access to the Light and Sound, along with an attitude of openness and acceptance during meditation.


Why Now?

So you may know all that you are and be a powerful force for good on this planet.

My request is that you are healthy enough to meditate, not pregnant and, that you are meditating as part of your daily lifestyle.

‘I feel very fortunate. I learnt to meditate with the wholehearted intention to know more of my true inner being and in return, I was given a deeply transformative and awe inspiring gift.’


Free Because it is Priceless