Reconnecting with the Source for Spiritual Awakening

Light and Sound meditation is a beautiful daily practice for knowing true inner being and a transcendent awareness that is our reconnection to the Source.

The Light is the inner guide that shows our way, revealing the reality of our inner cosmos. The Sound is the guide that reveals our awareness to be greater and more complete than ever imagined. Together they are the powerful guide for our Awakening to being both human and transcendent. We are also non-physical and spiritual, existing beyond the common perceptions of mind, body and universe.

For some people this may culminate in realising their consciousness as being infinite, a transcendent unity complete in and of itself and also called Enlightenment.

This offers to us the beautiful truth that is here and now – we are whole, perfect, complete and beyond all known physical form and yet naturally connected to everything.  The inner Light and Sound is the connection and the pathway between our humanity and spirituality.

This is the guide we meditate with toward a fuller awareness of our existence as both human and spiritual beings and to help address the need for more love, acceptance and forgiveness.

At this time, to begin meditating with the Light and Sound requires contact with an experienced Light and Sound meditator and attending a two-day meditation.

For many people, the two day Light and Sound meditation is the start of a connection of the physical with the non-physical. This requires the ability to meditate. Gently learn to be physically and mentally still and wholeheartedly present.

The purpose is to discover our own spiritual authority and to know with a vast inner cosmos actually exists. It is so we can learn to be whole and present with the inner Light and Sound and share what is best with those around us, in our own unique ways.

Daily meditation and realistically being more in harmony with ourselves and others, is one of the greatest gifts we can give.


Practice and Power of Meditation

Meditation is like being quietly attentive to our inner awareness or silently observing with an attitude of openness and contentment for being with ourselves. This can help with the recognition of the presence of the inner light and sound once it has been received.

The more we relax and comfortably observe, the more may merge or be merged by this inner presence, and be shown more of our human and spiritual nature.

Light and Sound meditators may recognise a huge and largely unexplored inner cosmos, called by some people ‘spiritual dimensions’, that is populated by diverse intelligence. Some of these intelligence appear to make the inner Light and Sound available to us.

Sometimes we read of the ‘surrender of expectations’ and ‘letting go of ambition during meditation’ to describe the release of the grip of mental and emotional tension. And with this release is the space where the separation of inside and outside does not exist, and it reveals a far-reaching unity which is both tender and blissful.

Trust enough to leave intellectualism and expectation and comparison at the door of meditation. You are not trying to get somewhere, that is the trap of ambition in meditation. Break the spell of goals and acquisition-based living during meditation. Give yourself the opportunity to simply Be.

Something of this may be accessed by mindful practice outside of formal meditation, in a similar way popular mindfulness can help with the experience of the innate space and comfort in human awareness, instead of endless thoughts and sensations.

Make the decision to contact someone who can help you receive the inner Light and Sound.

I consider it our birthright to know and I imagine anyone can begin. All you need do is sit down, close your eyes, relax and be still, fall in love and stay there.

Practise of inner Light and Sound

Reason and often a longing persuades us to sit for meditation. Mindful attentiveness with love for our own presence is the meditation, that allows us to recognise the inner Light and Sound in our awareness. Then it will be our daily meditation that gradually shows all that we are. This gradual revealing may take hours and days for some people and months and years for others.

For some people, the inner Light and Sound will reveal all that is vast, timeless, perfectly content, luminous, loved and loving, within them. This vast awareness is indescribably profound and beautiful and so concentrated and ‘pure’, it appears nothing can be added to it or taken away.

This is not an expression of ordinary or extraordinary mental experience but what is an inner transcendent witnessing. From our current understanding, we could mistakenly believe this is a metaphor for intuitive or intellectual enlightenment.

This knowing or being which I refer to as Enlightenment is a fathomless energy. It is like a totality. The realisation of this totality during meditation comes with a familiarity of the most intimate kind. There is no separation, no absorption, only complete being with its intrinsic peace and contentment.

For many of us, this is extraordinarily different from what we have known before. Worldly euphemisms are clumsy and inaccurate because enlightenment is to be fully known and does not appear to be touched by thinking, logical reasoning or actions from ambition and achievement.

What the Light and Sound requires from us during meditation is trust. A trust in ourselves to release identification with thoughts and old ideas, and feel the comfort from allowing a connection to an all-encompassing loving source, to show us all that we are.

To receive access to the Light and Sound, at the time of writing:

1. Find a person who can introduce this to you.

2. Meditate with an open, ambition-less attitude to receive and sit in the comfort and majesty of your own spiritual presence.


Light and Sound for Enlightenment

This meditation offers the realisation of an unlimited inner awareness, which appears to have no beginning or end, that truly is ‘one without another.’ I am not writing of any intellectual or mind-body expansions but a clear transcendence of the physical. This may come after a series of increasing expansions of awareness and insights into a vast inner spiritual universe.

There may be an all-pervading sense that this expansive awareness was not subject to birth or death, and comes with a profound recognition of being Home, and a feeling of absolute peace untouched by time or change. With humility it can be recognised as being beyond common life experiences and could result in very natural and positive changes to attitudes and behaviours toward life.

This inner consciousness is intrinsically pleasurable because it is not subject to physical change, experiences of time or comparisons of the mind. This gives rise to deep, abiding comfort and contentment during meditation and we may all know this for ourselves. It can offer a depth of peace and contentment rarely found in life.

This requires our ability to meditate – to put aside expectations, ambitions, to relax, feel happy to sit still and allow things to unfold inside of us naturally. To give ourselves the space to receive more of what we already are but rarely know.


What Does It Offer Us?

To satisfy the deep desire to know that which cannot be explained or understood by the intellect or thoughts.

To scratch the itch that is the question “is there more?”

A connection to a source that is not only universal but complete in and of itself, yet felt deeply but not revealed by education, intellect, goal achievement, consumerism or intoxification.

It offers three things for the meditator:

The first is to connect us to an inner energy during meditation, experience various insights and wonders for our individual benefit, and if we choose, to know a deep abiding consciousness surpassing all we previously knew.

The second is for us to contact and benefit from the inner intelligences that make the Light and Sound available.

The third is to express our inner spirituality and help create positive change in the world and continue with our own fulfilling purposes in life.


How Do I Begin?

Once you have decided to explore this meditation, you contact a person who is able to give access to the Light and Sound.

You then begin simple and wholehearted daily preparation, because this is a commitment to yourself. You agree to attend a special two-day meditation where you may begin Light and Sound meditation.

The daily practise of Breath Meditation is used to encourage feelings of being present, relaxed and still on the inside, with less judgement and more acceptance.

I recommend meditation or mindfully concentrating with an attitude of openness as an observer during your meditation. This may help you be with the Light and Sound as it presents to your awareness, and assist you in putting aside the mental chatter and expectations. Learn to go with it. This gives the opportunity to later be shown more of your very real inner or spiritual nature.

Contact with a person able to give access to the Light and Sound is necessary to establish whether or not this inner energy meditation is appropriate for you.

A genuine willingness to continue daily meditation with the Light and Sound energy once access has been received. Once you have comfortably begun meditating with the Light and Sound, it is hoped you commit to daily meditation and benefit from the insights and realisations.

This is only the beginning. How easily a person is made aware of their full inner spirituality depends on their meditation ability and mindful approach to issues arising from the mind and body.


Where Does the Light and Sound Come From?

I do not precisely know its source or how it presents to our awareness or how it transforms our inner conscious space. I can reason and surmise based on my own experiences and those of others, and I will not give space here to something so speculative.

What I do know of the inner energy is that it can be felt, heard, seen and is a transformative agent for our human consciousness. Some people declare that the light and sound are made available to us by inner ‘spiritual’ beings, who represent various forms of intelligence and who are not physically present.

I am cautious in accepting as authority the words of others regarding so-called spiritual insights or knowledge. I believe it is better to know for ourselves and to trust in our own perceptions and realisations. To ‘know for yourself’ is the fundamental reason for meditating. The Light and Sound exist so we have the opportunity for personal evidence. I honestly assert that perception altering, life-changing insights and experiences may occur for you, as they do for me, when aware of an inner light and sound (and space) while meditating.

There are inner worlds we might observe during meditation and they do not appear to arise from the mind or imagination but from an inner cosmos. They are as real and vast as what we commonly perceive in our everyday physical reality.

The Light and Sound energy appears to be present everywhere but not always accessible by everyone without initial assistance. It is said, that this is the reason the inner Light and Sound is made more easily available to us by inner spiritual beings. This is also the reason we plan meditations when people can be given access to this energy.


How is the Light and Sound Work Done?

People who have received access to the Light and Sound send love, light or healing to individuals, groups, countries or the planet on a daily basis. This spreads the light of love across the globe where it is needed.

Individuals recommend this meditation to other people and learn to give realistically to other people, in their own unique way. Light and Sound meditators can choose to contact each other for support with issues related to meditation and enjoy getting to know other like-minded people.

1. Daily meditation with the Light and Sound

2. Using the power of the inner spiritual energy in service to the world – sending love, light and healing – as the individual decides is necessary

3. Contribution in word and action – informing other people about this meditation, supporting other Light and Sound meditators if appropriate, helping with meditation events to give others access to the energy.

We hope that in this way you will be a beacon of light in the realistic actions of giving and creating more harmony on the planet.


Who Can Receive Access to The Light and Sound?

Men and women of adult age, who have a wholehearted desire to meditate with the inner Light and Sound. It is important that people are meditating daily.

People avoiding alcohol or drug misuse, who are not experiencing mental health issues, who are not medicated for mental health or experiencing excessive stress and trauma.

We intend for there to be future opportunities because people can and do recover from many health issues.

We also ask women who are pregnant or trying to be pregnant at the time of seeking the Light and Sound, to wait for future opportunities.


Is This Freely Available?

Yes. It is freely available now.

The Light and Sound meditation is not a business, is not for profit and is not religious. It is a universal spiritual movement and includes people of many different backgrounds, interests and careers.

The Light and Sound meditation is a service to humanity and the planet because everything is realised as being connected. Meditators contribute in a variety of ways to increase the flow of light, love and healing.


Light and Sound Meditation – Free Because it is Priceless