The Pathway Home

This is offering you the direct experience of the inner Light and Sound for meditation, because it is the bridge between humanity and our shared inner spirituality. This truth is meant to be self evident and available to help the world become balanced materially and spiritually. It is hoped that the insights from this meditation will inspire changes in you to make life more peaceful and loving.


Revealed by the mystery of Love

This energy is born from a love so great it appears to give presence, life and consciousness to all things. It is a way into your centre, connecting you with the energy and consciouseness that is transcendent of mind and body. It is the way home and an opportunity to know a real and infinite presence without physical borders, concerns or ideas of time. A deep peace is experienced from the fulfillment of realising you are spiritually complete and perfect even if worldly affairs suggest otherwise. There is an abiding sense of completion and a contentment that is felt from ‘coming home.’ With all this are extraordinary opportunities to be shown inner worlds and intelligences during meditation.

You could know your purpose here is not just individual goal achievement but a priority toward care and responsibility between human beings who aspire to live together with a great respect and reverence toward all life.

This is grandiose on purpose because it is the way you can powerfully contribute toward realistic and positive spiritual change. Wherever you are in the world, we will do our best to connect you with someone who can give access to this beautiful energy.


Given by the Light and Sound

You find out who you are through living life and find out what you are beyond that, through Light and Sound meditation. With this meditation you can learn to live as both spiritual and human being.

This inner energy awakens you by raising awareness beyond the limits of mind and body and revealing that you are part of a massive spiritual universe. Should you be willing to meditate and be shown, it is the pathway through this universe into witnessing spiritual being that is vast, peaceful and timeless.

If you have ever felt held back but are now feeling the pull, the attraction toward something more, then arrange to receive access to the inner Light and Sound, also called Initiation. This usually happens during enjoyable and short meditation retreats where like-minded people come together with this energy of illumination, discovery and transcendence.

Meditation is used to kindle this spiritual ‘fire’ until it is brightening the world by its light and the purpose of Initiation is realised – the illumination of self and the transformation from separateness into the completion of true inner being.

It is free of charge. There is no required guru or required teaching to follow because you can be taught by the inner Light, and the intelligences that inform the gurus. Initiation and support is offered by a growing number of people around the world who are making it easier and realistic for people to meditate with this ‘divine’ energy. This energy is the Light of Awareness itself, the Light of all the worlds and with Initiation, you are part of it.

It is not owned by anyone because this energy has its source beyond the mind and imagination. For you to be aware of the Light and Sound, it is made available by what appear as non-physical, independently intelligent beings, who help guide people into their own spiritual existence. Some people call them collective names like spirit guides, angels, ascended masters or the spiritual hierarchy. Their presence suggests there are other dimensions of existence and you have an opportunity to explore and learn from them.

It is an open question whether or not other dimensions or intelligent life exists, but something remarkable is happening and more people are witnessing these beings during meditation. They also contact people, some of who make the messages publicly available and a collection are shared on the Light and Sound page.


The Energy of all things

The Light and Sound offers beautiful and gradually transforming meditation. It’s about people meditating and merging with the Light and Sound and realising – fully knowing for themselves, not just believing – that they exist non-physically beyond the mind and body and also beyond the experience of birth and death.

The inner energy is both the light and the fire that needs no spark or combustion for its existence. In illuminating the worlds inside and out it reveals the way for the meditator to be shown their own timeless brilliance.

This meditation can be more full of wonder, deep contentment and ‘wow’ moments than words can ever carry. It can be a beautiful game changer if you meditate and let the energy contact you and show you. Do not take my word for it but find out for yourself.

After Initiation at the meditation retreats, make it a priority to meditate daily and let this beautiful relationship happen within you. It is always available if you nurture this and it will be your pathway and guide Home. The Light and Sound meditation is about being shown ‘what’ you are as a human being by an ‘openess’ to this energy. This happens through direct experience during meditation.

It is primarily about spiritual unfoldment. Personal development is secondary but can be necessary to help access something of this energy outside of meditation. Anyone interested really needs to experience the inner Light and Sound for themselves. Trust me, my words don’t do it justice and cannot replicate the wonder that might occur for you.


Enlightenment is the Essence

It can fill us with deep peace and joy that accompany the realisation, we are complete. We are shown, there is no real separation from the fulfilling presence of our Home within. We have been given what we once sought and now fully know it for ourselves.

The Enlightenment written of is unknowable intellectually but is witnessed through meditation with the Light and Sound. It is not what we become but are shown it is what we are and have always been. We are returned to our physical minds and bodies but are forever changed.

For some people, the inner Light and Sound will reveal all that is vast, timeless, perfectly content, luminous, loved and loving, within them. This vast awareness is indescribably profound and beautiful and so concentrated and ‘pure’, it appears nothing can be added to it or taken away.

This is not an expression of ordinary or extraordinary mental experience but what is an inner transcendent witnessing. From our current understanding, we could mistakenly believe this is a metaphor for intuitive or intellectual enlightenment.

This knowing or being which I refer to as Enlightenment is a fathomless energy. It is like a totality. The realisation of this totality during meditation comes with a familiarity of the most intimate kind. There is no separation, no absorption, only complete being with its intrinsic peace and contentment.

For many of us, this is extraordinarily different from what we have known before. Worldly euphemisms are clumsy and inaccurate because enlightenment is to be fully known and does not appear to be touched by thinking, logical reasoning or actions from ambition and achievement.

Each day gives us the opportunity to allow in this spiritual presence into daily life – sharing for the good of others, making common what was once exclusive and reducing the barrier between what is within and what is without.

This is about rediscovering our real, spiritual home far beyond the noisy, ever-changing borders of the physical body and intellect. It is about letting ourselves be found so the door can be opened, and we welcome in the beautiful truth of one of the most fulfilling reasons for being alive.

The Light and Sound is offered freely, so more of us will reach out and benefit from meditating with this transcendent energy, the pathway into a vast spiritual cosmos and then beyond even that, into our true inner being.

This is available to genuine seekers who feel ready and who want to know, whether it is their first step into spirituality or whether they have many years of practice. What we are offering is the integration of who we are, a physical human being, with what we are, a non-physical spiritual being

It’s free because it is priceless.


Be Part of Something Special

1) To help bring as much Light and Love to the planet as we can. The more that is available now,  the faster the positive transformations for peace, love and well-being across the earth. We are here for this reason and we are here for one another.

2) To help people merge with and fully benefit from a relationship with the Light and Sound, their inner guide for amazing realisations of true spiritual inner being or consciousness, beyond physical mind and body.

It is being said, that increasing numbers of people are becoming aware of spiritual or light beings during Light and Sound meditation. These beings help make the inner Light and Sound available to us, and are referred to by some as the Spiritual Hierarchy. It is becoming clear that without them, we would not have access to this transcendent energy.

To benefit most, we receive access to this very special energy during a short meditation retreat, and then meditate daily with a genuine willingness to welcome it in, to be guided and merged by this ‘higher’ aspect of what we are.  It is here, to show us we are loved and complete in ways beyond imagining, and deeply connected to everything.

It can be arranged without any further reading but questions are always welcome and encouraged. All you will then have to do is use your qualities of discipline, curiosity and humility, to let it lead you beyond yourself, into true spiritual inner being and possibly enlightenment.

This is real and happening now

My friends and I offer you access to this free of any charge. We, like many before and after us, received this energy and were guided to complete our inner journey. Now, more people are willing and able to offer the inner Light and Sound to you.


Humanity and Spirituality

This is authentic meditation, a daily practice for discovering true inner being and bringing humanity and spirituality together in each of us. The inner Light and Sound is the guide for our awakening to being both human and transcendent and it offers the beautiful truth that we are whole, perfect, complete and naturally connected to all things.   More than this,  it is an opportunity to witness consciousness that is beyond all things,  sometimes referred to as Enlightenment.

This is the pathway between physical and non-physical being.  At this time, to begin meditating with the energy requires contact with an experienced Light and Sound meditator.

For many people,it is the start of a real connection between the physical and the non-physical. This requires the ability to meditate. Gently learn to be physically still and mentally and wholeheartedly present.

The purpose is to discover our own spiritual authority and to know that a vast inner cosmos actually exists.  And to learn to be present with the inner Light and Sound,  so we can share this with other people in our own unique ways.

Make the decision to contact someone who can help you receive the inner Light and Sound.

I consider it our birthright to know and I imagine anyone can begin. All you need do is sit down, close your eyes, relax and be still, fall in love and stay there.



This meditation offers the realisation of an unlimited inner awareness, which appears to have no beginning or end, that truly is ‘one without another.’ I am not writing of any intellectual or mind-body expansions but a clear transcendence of the physical. This may come after a series of increasing expansions of awareness and insights into a vast inner spiritual universe.

There may be an all-pervading sense that this expansive awareness was not subject to birth or death, and comes with a profound recognition of being Home, and a feeling of absolute peace untouched by time or change. With humility it can be recognised as being beyond common life experiences and could result in very natural and positive changes to attitudes and behaviours toward life.

This inner consciousness is intrinsically pleasurable because it is not subject to physical change, experiences of time or comparisons of the mind. This gives rise to deep, abiding comfort and contentment during meditation and we may all know this for ourselves. It can offer a depth of peace and contentment rarely found in life.

This requires our ability to meditate – to put aside expectations, ambitions, to relax, feel happy to sit still and allow things to unfold inside of us naturally. To give ourselves the space to receive more of what we already are but rarely know.



Once you have decided to explore this meditation, you contact a person who is able to give access to the Light and Sound.

You then begin simple and wholehearted daily preparation and you agree to attend a special meditation retreat where you can receive access to this energy.

The daily practise of Breath Meditation is used to encourage feelings of being present, relaxed and still on the inside, with less judgement and more acceptance.

I recommend meditation or mindfully concentrating with an attitude of openness as an observer during your meditation. This may help you be with the Light and Sound as it presents to your awareness, and assist you in putting aside the mental chatter and expectations. Learn to go with it. This gives the opportunity to later be shown more of your very real inner or spiritual nature.

Contact with a person able to give access to the Light and Sound is necessary to establish whether or not this inner energy meditation is appropriate for you.

A genuine willingness to continue daily meditation with the Light and Sound energy once access has been received. Once you have comfortably begun meditating with the Light and Sound, it is hoped you commit to daily meditation and benefit from the insights and realisations.

This is only the beginning. How easily a person is made aware of their full inner spirituality depends on their meditation ability and mindful approach to issues arising from the mind and body.


How is the Work Done?

Daily meditation with the Light and Sound

A sacred time is a also made each day for the sending of Love to all people of the world, and the giving of Light to this planet Earth.

Other important work is as varied and widespread as the growing number of people meditating. It needs people who are willing and able to give of themselves in realistic ways. Take what follows as suggestions and find your way to give, to be of service.

It could involve passing on the energy to others once your inner ‘journey’ is complete, hosting Initiations, letting people know about the inner Light and Sound, helping someone get to their Initiation, simply being kind and considerate toward someone who might need your care and attention. You decide because it is your choice.

We aim to be beacons of light in the realistic actions of giving and creating more harmony on the planet.


Who Can Receive the Light and Sound?

Men and women of adult age, who have a wholehearted desire to meditate with the inner Light and Sound. It is important that people are meditating daily.

People avoiding alcohol or drug misuse, who are not experiencing mental health issues, who are not medicated for mental health or experiencing excessive stress and trauma.

We intend for there to be future opportunities because people can and do recover from many health issues.

We also ask women who are pregnant or trying to be pregnant at the time of seeking the Light and Sound, to wait for future opportunities.


This is Freely Available

It is free of charge. There are no required teachings to learn and no required gurus to attend. But we do offer you support from the beginning, if and when you want it.

The Light and Sound meditation is not a business, is not for profit and is not religious. Consider it a universal spiritual movement and a service to humanity and the planet, that includes people of many different backgrounds, interests and careers.

People can contribute in a variety of ways to increase the flow of light, love and healing.

Light and Sound Meditation – Free Because it is Priceless